We at the Athletes Against Bullying Alliance want to send out a HUGE Thank-You for everyone’s support and collaboration throughout our 4-year journey, it has been truly a humbling and energizing experience! We began with an idea between 3 people in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and we blew up and quickly became an official non-profit charity organization that has has made it was across the Globe with countless peoples support. We are honored and privileged to have started something that we are so passionate about - the Empowerment and Role-modeling of Athletes to make our world a better place.

During our journey we have learned a lot! We want to continue to grow, learn and pass on our knowledge. We have taken this year to come up with a new project that we are very excited about. It is a project that calls on and involves athletes from all over. We wanted to come up with a creative and easy way that we could involve all of our current athletes and all the athletes who are continuing to contact us wanting to get involve on a daily/weekly basis.

We believe we have an answer! AAB has created the

 This project if is very exciting and to get things rolling, we have chosen to use the power of social media in a positive and empowering way to reach near and far across the globe spreading our message!

Now, we are going to be starting things off relatively easy. So everyone can get involved. What to know how to get involved??? Click here to find out! 


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