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Who We Are: We are The Athletes Against Bullying Alliance - A team of current and former elite athletes determined to use athletic influence and positive role modeling to create a more positive world through active engagement with today's Student-Athletes. 

The AAB Mission Statement: Empower student-athletes to be positive role models for other students and youth around them, through direct engagement with current and former elite athletes who will influence and inspire them.  Promote a culture in our schools where peer leaders actively advocate against bullying and other forms of physical and emotional intimidation.

What we are doing: AAB and our selected elite athletes will positively engage and inspire current student-athletes across the nation through demonstration of the responsibility of leadership that comes with being an athlete along with the abundant benefits that it brings.

 Our elite athletes will connect with today's generation of student-athletes and show how being an athlete encompasses more than just being good at athletics, and how this supports and expands their individual and collective success on and off the field.

 AAB believes, and actively promotes, that being a successful athlete involves being a positive role model, doing well in school, being a good friend, helping those in need and making it a priority to do things that will make other people's lives better.

 AAB strives to create a positive environment that supports youth, fostering a sense of safety, protection and confidence while at school and in the community. 

Why this works: AAB uses the power of leadership and role modeling to Influence and empower Student-Athletes.

 Influential, charismatic and successful leaders inspire Student-Athletes, young athletes are always looking for ways to "get to the next level" and get better at what they do.

  • University/College athletes striving to play professionally will emulate professionals.
  • High School athletes aspiring to play University/College athletics will emulate University/College athletes.
  • Vulnerable students in their last years of elementary school admire High School athletes and want to be like them.

AAB will bring together successful, inspiring leaders with individuals and groups they will naturally influence to create a powerful change in Student-Athletes towards making positive contributions in their schools and communities. 

How do we accomplish this? Our AAB Athlete-speakers are successful and powerful role models who establish instant credibility with their audience.  They address, with leaders in a direct position to influence positive outcomes, the negative consequences of bullying for individuals, teams and the community as a whole. 

 Athletics is about hard work and excellence, bullying is a symptom of weakness and insecurity.  Our elite athletes can reach the athletes of today in a way others are not able to - to stop the cycle where it often so sadly takes root.  True leadership is about standing up and being strong without needing others to be weak - lifting everyone up. 

 Our elite athletes model this behavior through their experience, lessons they can impart and tools they have to teach.  They are passionate about creating powerful athletes _and_ leaders within our schools and communities - promoting both athletic success and a stronger community and society.

What have we done? As an example, in December of 2013 AAB partnered with Big Kahuna Sports Company and established the Big Kahuna Athletes Against Bullying Canadian “Be A Game Changer” Tour.

 AAB Traveled from Vancouver to Hamilton, visiting eight schools in five Provinces across Canada.  Student-Athletes and Coaches from each school's sports teams were assembled.   AAB staff and elite athletes connected with student-athletes directly in delivering a compelling presentation regarding the negative consequences of bullying and ways in which student-athletes can use their influence in positive ways.   

 The presentation included compelling personal stories, stated facts & figures on bullying and displayed the enormous effects of bullying and the great individual and collective benefits that come from being a positive role model and influence in our schools.

 Our team empowered Student-Athletes to be a positive influence in the hallways and social groups at their school, giving them information and inspiration to lead comfortably and confidently as true athletic leaders and champions.

John Tokar - AAB Founder & President
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John knows firsthand what it is like to be bullied and the physical and emotional toll it takes on a student. Looking at him now, you may not believe it, but John wasn’t always big enough or confident enough to stand up to his bullies. In his beginning years of High School, John faced bullying almost everyday. He faced all types of bullying, being pushed and punched in the hallways or when the teachers weren’t looking, being cornered in the locker room and called to fight, thrown to the ground and kicked. If he ever got nice clothes, they would be ruined or stolen. Many times he would have his money stolen. The two worst types of bullying for John were false rumors spread about him, and his bullies waiting for him after school to harrass him and many times beat him up.

John got in trouble for missing a lot of school growing up. However, he teachers never realized that it wasn’t because he was lazy, or didn’t like school. Many times it was because he was too afraid to even go. John knew the torment that was awaiting him in the hallways and classrooms and chose the sanctuary of his own home instead.

Around his Grade 10 year, John knew he had been bullied for too long and it was time to stand up to his bullies. John began going to the gym, working out, trying to eat healthy and began to participate in pretty much any and every High School sport he could. The hard work paid off and by the time he was in grade 11, John was big, strong and gaining popularity. But most of all John had a confidence that he never had growing up. Those traits helped John be named captain of his High School football team in grade 12. It was kind of funny, now that John was big enough to stand up to his bullies, his bullies didn't seem to pick on him anymore.  

 Although not him, there were still students that were being bullied, and now that John wasn’t one of them, John took it upon himself to stand up for those who couldn’t. His teachers would even ask John to walk some bullied students home from school. The teachers felt that because John was big, athletic, and influential because of that role, that his popularity would help those students from being picked on by other students.  And it worked each and every time. Not only did they not get bullied on that day, but they stopped getting bullied all together when the bullies seen those students were now "friends" with John. Knowing what it was like to be bullied, John was always happy helping out.

John Tokar grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and got involved in sport playing ice hockey he was 8 years old.  After being a star athlete in high school, John went on to play NCAA college baseball for the Minot State University Beavers. A multi-sport athlete, John also played College football for his hometown, University of Regina Rams. Giving back, John has spent many years as the Head Coach for the Regina Midget “AAA” Mets, in the Saskatchewan Premier Baseball League, and currently coaches High School Football at Balfour High School in Regina.

John’s passion for The Athletes Against Bullying Alliance originated when he would spend his summers traveling to Summer Bible Camps speaking to High School aged teens about Jesus and the Bible.  After listening to many teens’ struggles, John quickly realized one of the biggest issues facing teens is bullying. Thus, John began to speak to teens about what the Bible says about bullying and that Jesus wanted people to treat others the way they wanted to be treated themselves. From there, John’s focus turned to explaing to teens that, whether you believe in the Bible or not, everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and kindness.

Bullying issues really stuck with John and after some investigating, his knowledge about the overwhelming issues of bullying in todays schools became greater and greater. He realized that just because he is no longer in school, doesn't mean bullying has stopped. It's just as bad now as it has ever been, if not worse. Remembering back to his days of being bullied, he knew that with the skills and abilities that he has gained, he could somehow make a difference. John knew that he should be using his Athletic influence to help in the fight against bullies, and he knew that there were likely others with similar abilities and common beliefs about bullying that would want to help, and that athletes could make an impact on the problem.

Thus, the idea of the Athletes Against Bullying Alliance came to be.

Amanda Flahr - AAB Vice President 
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Amanda Flahr is a registered Social Worker who grew up in Regina, went to WH Ford Elementary School, Winston Knoll Collegiate and then attended the University of Regina and earned a Bachelors Degree in Social Work.

 Amanda has continuously participated in sports throughout her life. Competing on both, School teams and Club teams. Amanda played Softball and Basketball growing up, and was captain of her High School Jr. and Sr. Basketball teams. Her Senior year in high school, Amanda placed 3rd in provincials for track and field Javelin. 

 Amanda currently keeps active playing in a Women’s Basketball rec league in Regina as well as co-ed competitive Ultimate Frisbee.

 Amanda has coached Basketball for a few years with the RCBA in Regina for various ages of Female Athletes in attrition to a 16yr Old Male Basketball Team.

 Amanda is in her 4th year employed as a school Social Worker & Child and Family Support Worker for Prairie Valley School Division. A very busy young lady, Amanda has been placed in Fort Qu’Appelle, Milestone, Bethune, Regina Beach, Pilot Butte, White City Balgonie, Pense and Grand Coulee.

 Amanda is very passionate about always discovering new ideas, statistics, programs and policies that will help eliminate bullying in schools. She believes that positive role modeling is one of the most effective ways to teach and build appropriate and healthy ways of communicating and positive relationships. 

Angelique Chenard - AAB Director & Leadership Team Captain

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As a mom to two teenagers Angelique recognizes the value and significance that organizations like AAB play in the lives of our youth. “AAB athletes serve as positive role models and give selflessly and so deeply it continues to inspire me and I am thankful our youth, and my children, have organizations like this to turn to”.

Angelique is a proud member of the Regina Riot Women’s Tackle Football Team, currently in her third season on the Offensive Line. She also serves on the executive as Player Volunteer Coordinator. Angelique is currently the Head Coach for three Regina High School girls’ flag football teams and believes that involvement in sport and volunteerism are terrific ways to participate and give back to the community.

Angelique is from La Ronge, SK and a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. She is employed as a Business Administration Instructor at Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) where she has been teaching for 12 years.

Angelique serves on the Parent Association of her daughter’s high school and participates in a women’s group that is dedicated to preventing teen suicide and promoting youth mental health.

Connie deBoer - AAB Director & Action Talent President

Aside from being a 14 year veteran of Search and Rescue and an active team member of the highly aclaimed North Shore Rescue Team, Connie is a UBCP Film Agent  and has a background in Athlete and Talent Management, as well as Municipal Politics. In 2007, she became the new owner of the trail blazing Action Talent Inc. founded by legendary athlete, Sherry Boyd. She, along with her daughter and buisiness partner Annalise have broadened the scope of the company to include Sponsorships, Endoresements , Branding and Sports Marketing. Connie and Annalise now represent over 850 Athletes in Film  and Television as well as nearly 100 Olympic, XGames and World Cup Athletes.  With representing these high level Athletes they came to realise that they may be able to help bring about much needed changes in sport funding in Canada. Together they have built a template and buisiness model that brings Athletes and Corporations together creating a relationship that mutually benefits both the Athlete and the Corporation. They continue to strive to meet their personal goal of building a team that consists of both High level Athletes and the hard working Sponsors that believe in them. They have created and Branded " The Canadian Dream Team " with the intention of building it into a Canadian institution.

Annalise deBoer - Action Talent Vice-President

North Vancouver's accomplished, young sports talent agent Annalise deBoer spends her days managing over 500 high level athletes.
It is Annalise’s love of sports and passion for film, that brought her into the sport talent management industry. She is one of only two talent agents in Canada to handle exclusively athletes. Action Talent Inc, represents athletes ranging from Olympic Gold Medalists, Down Hill Mountain Bike Racers and Parkour Free Runners. It is threw Action Talent that she caught the attention of The Cave Network producers. Now in front of the camera, Annalise brings a fresh approach to sports talk as host of the exciting new series Talk about Sports. 
Annalise continues to develop and build her company,using her strong sense of business and film management. Working behind the camera as well as in the spot light, for this young business woman its all in a days work.

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"Each day approximately 160,000 students miss school for fear of being bullied"

"Up to 40% of secondary school students feel that their teachers are unaware of the bullying which goes on"

"Studies show that in the majority of cases, bullying stops within 10 seconds when peers intervene, or do not support the bullying behaviour"



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